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Factory Sale Brass Ball Valves For Refrigeration Systems Reliable Quality


Product Description

This product is mainly used in refrigeration air-conditioning, cold storage equipment and automatically control the fluid to pass or not pass. It is designed by sections and multitude sealed, whic h has improved the efficiency of opening, the valve body is of SAE connection plus with solder sealing, which eliminates the probl em of traditional, problem of inner leakage. The automatic inner compressing sealing eliminate the problem of inner leakage caus ed by long time of deforming and abrasion, it is reasonably org anized and good construction.

    1. Flow without pressure drop.

    2. Only a quarter turn from full opening to full closing of the valve, the valve has a rotation limit for both full opening and full closing.

    3. The top mark of the rotary handle indicates whether the valve is fully open or fully closed.

    4. Bi-directional mobility, i.e., the valve is installed independent of the direction of flow of the liquid in the pipeline.

    5. Ball valve designed to prevent internal liquid storage.



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