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Installation of valves for chillers

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In the refrigeration system of industrial chillers, the main role of valves is to control the flow of refrigerant and direction, in daily use, also need to often use the valve, valves are used when industrial chillers need to be shut down or turned on. Because of its daily use of high frequency, so in the installation of the need for more attention to ensure its normal use, and will not affect the use of industrial water chillers stable.The following will take you to understand the industrial chillers refrigeration system valve installation steps and precautions.

1. Should be installed in the valve easy to remove and maintenance of the place, the installation of various valves must pay attention to the flow of refrigerant, can not be installed.

2. When installing flanged valves for industrial water chillers, the flanges of the flanges and valves must be cushioned with high-pressure asbestos sheets. The thickness of the high-pressure asbestos sheets shall be determined by the depth of the flange grooves on the valves. When the valve is larger and deeper groove, to use a thicker asbestos plate, to avoid the concave-convex interface between them and easy to have a gap seal is not tight. When assembling flanged valve, make sure all bolts bear the force evenly, otherwise, concave-convex interface easy pressure deviation.

3. The installation of cut-off valve, should flow from the bottom of the valve to the upper. When installed in a horizontal line, the stem should be vertical or inclined at an angle to prevent the stem down. If the valve position is difficult to approach or higher, the stem can be installed horizontally for ease of operation.

4. When installing check valve for industrial water chillers, make sure that the spool can open automatically. For lift check valve, should ensure that the spool center line and the horizontal plane perpendicular to each other. For swing check valves, ensure the rotation of the spool plate, and the spool plate must be installed horizontally.

5. The relief valve shall be installed directly on the globe valve at the outlet of the equipment. The Arrows on the valve body shall be in accordance with the flow direction of the working fluid. 

6.The solenoid valve must be installed horizontally at the exit of the equipment, must be in accordance with the location of the drawings specified installation. If the solenoid valve is installed in front of the throttle valve, the distance between the two shall be kept at least 300mm. 

7. Industrial chillers in the thermal expansion valve must also be installed horizontally, to pay attention to the valve, export connection, usually in the valve's inlet end has a filter. If the thermal expansion valve has good control, the position of temperature sensing package is very important. The temperature sensing bag should be firmly fixed on the clean suction pipe, so that the temperature sensing bag has good contact with the suction pipe. The external balance pipe of the external balance thermal expansion valve should be installed at the lower part of the return air pipe, the distance from the binding place of the temperature sensing bag is 150-200mm, and the temperature sensing bag should be tied on the horizontal pipe section, the external balance pipe shall be connected from the top of the horizontal section of the return pipe.

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