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Four main parts of refrigeration system in cold storage

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The four main parts of refrigerating system in cold storage include: refrigerating compressor, condenser, throttling device (expansion valve, capillary, etc.) and evaporator (air cooler) . The four main components and refrigerants become the necessary conditions for realizing the refrigeration cycle of fluorine system.


The power source of the system is mainly to make refrigerant vapor from low pressure to high pressure, and make it in the system continuous circulation flow. Commonly used are piston-type, screw-type, scroll-type, centrifugal, rotor-type and so on.

Piston compressor advantages: the use of a wide range of temperature, high efficiency, technology mature and reliable, suitable for a variety of refrigerants, the current market mainstream 5 ~ 40 widely used piston compressor.

The condenser mainly makes the superheated steam discharged from the compressor cool and condense into the high-pressure liquid.

Commonly used are water-cooled, air-cooled, evaporative cooling:

1. Horizontal shell-and-tube water-cooled condenser: refrigerant vapor condenses inside and outside the shell, and cooling water inside the tube, generally cooling water enters and exits under the shell. High heat transfer coefficient, condensation effect is good, often equipped with pumps, cold water tower.

2, Air-cooled condenser: air as the cooling medium, using fan to accelerate the forced convection of air. It is suitable for places where water supply is difficult or installation of cooling tower is not convenient, as well as the equipment in northern areas, the condensation effect is slightly poor.

3, Evaporative cooling: usually used as a larger refrigeration system used as a condenser, the common screw unit with more evaporative cooling.

Throttling device

 Main functions 

1, throttling pressure reduction, to ensure that the condenser and evaporator between the pressure difference, so that the refrigerant in the evaporator at low pressure (low temperature) under the evaporation of heat. 

2. Adjust the refrigerant flow rate according to the change of evaporator heat load.

Thermal expansion valve 

1, internal balance type: suitable for row tube throttling and evaporator resistance is small refrigeration system. 

2, external balance: apply to the evaporator resistance larger refrigeration system. 

3, capillary tube: apply to the small refrigeration device with stable working condition, there are many refrigerators, refrigerators and small air-conditioners.

Evaporator (air cooler)

The throttled liquid refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat in the evaporator (low temperature and low pressure) to lower the temperature of the cooled medium. Commonly used air coolers, row tubes, horizontal shell tube evaporator.

1, Air Cooler: also known as Air Cooler, generally non-full liquid type, filling less, conducive to oil return, less cooling loss, cooling fast. 

2, The row tube: common aluminum row and steel row more, simple structure, easy to operate, low heat transfer coefficient, difficult oil back. 

3. Horizontal shell-and-tube evaporator: generally dry shell-and-tube evaporator, high heat transfer coefficient, difficult to return oil. Water Chillers are more common.

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