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SHRESThermal Expansion Valve ODF Connection

  • SHRES are integrated valves for freezing, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and transportation A/C and refigeration.
  1. Constant sperheat adjusting performance.
  2. Evaporating temperatur range: -40℃ ~+10℃.
  3. Can be suplied with MOP(Max. operating pressure).
  4. Changeable inputing filter net.
  5. Suitable for R22、R134a、R404A/R507、R410A.


Product Description

Technical Parameters:
Applicable Refrigerants: R22, R404A/R507, R134a, R410A

Applicable Medium Temperature: -40℃~+10℃,-30℃~+10℃,-10℃~+15℃

Adjustable Range of Superheat: 2℃~8℃ 

Maximum Working Pressure: 2.0MPa 

Maximum Testing Pressure: 3.0MPa


  • Model of expansion valve should be selected by refrigerating capacity of evaporators.

  • External equalisation thermostatic expansion valve should be chosen for evaporators with distributors.

  • Pay attention to the refrigerant when choosing expansion valve.

Packing and shipping:

SANHENG package or NEUTRAL package.

Installation and usage requirements:

1) Welded pipe expansion valve with the system pipe welding, we must pay attention to the following points;
1.1 Use a damp cloth or a wet cotton bag to protect bodyon the body, to avoid high that temperature burn in the valve parts in welding. Plsease note that the
1.2 Welding torch flame direction toward the body outward.
1.3 Low temperature silverelectrode welding.
2) Expansion valve maintenance should be designated professional staff.
Type: ac expansion valve



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