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A refrigeration solenoid valve is a type of control valve used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to regulate the flow of refrigerant gas through a system. It is typically controlled by a signal from an electronic module or controller, which sends a command to the valve based on sensor readings and other inputs from the system.

The solenoid valve consists of a number of components, including a housing, a valve seat, and a spring-loaded plunger. When a signal is sent to the valve, the plunger moves to open or close the flow path between the inlet and outlet ports of the valve. The valve can be designed to operate in a variety of modes, such as constant flow, variable flow, or on/off mode, depending on the specific application.

Refrigeration solenoid valves are commonly used for controlling refrigerants such as R22, R134A, and Freon. They are often used in applications such as chillers, freezers, and air conditioners where precise control of the refrigerant flow is required.

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