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Some points for attention in safe operation of refrigerating valve

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The safe operation of the valve should do the following:

1) Operators of the valve operation must be done to identify the object, do not accidentally open other valves and cause artificial accidents.

2) Open the suction valve of the compressor, the condenser or the outlet valve of the reservoir must be slowly, and sometimes should be opened, stop alternately, so as to avoid the opening speed is too fast and cause the wet stroke accident of the compressor.

3) In the process of opening each valve, especially when approaching the maximum opening, we must slowly pull the handwheel, not too hard, so as not to cause the spool stuck by the valve body, valve pull off and so on. When the valve is at the maximum opening (to the handwheel can not be pulled) should be the handwheel rotation one or two.

4) Operators on the valve in the closing process, should pay attention to the appropriate force, not too much force, so as not to damage the valve.

5) For pipes and equipment with liquid refrigerant, it is strictly forbidden to close the valves at both ends at the same time, so as to avoid the accident of ammonia leakage in pipes or equipment due to the liquid volume expansion caused by absorbing external heat. Under normal circumstances, most of the liquid burst at the valve burst. The correct way to prevent a liquid explosion is to pump the liquid out of the tube before closing the liquid tube valve. Under special circumstances, when the liquid pipe can not be emptied, it should only be the liquid pipe at one end of the valve closed, so that the other end of the connection valve with the equipment in an open state, if the compressor all stop running, then should first close the reservoir valve, such as the system and the liquid pipe emptied before closing the total valve to the regulating station.

6) Long-term non-open and close the valve, should be regularly open and close the flexibility of the inspection.

7) Safety valves in the refrigeration system must be calibrated once a year, and faulty safety should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

8) In the handwheel of the valve hanging with color steel plate made of red, yellow two-color open and close card, to try to avoid misoperation.

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