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The function and selection of the solenoid valve in the cold storage unit

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The function of the solenoid valve in the Cold Storage Unit 

1. The solenoid valve in the cold storage unit can prevent the high pressure refrigerant liquid from flowing into the evaporator when the compressor shuts down, avoid starting the compressor again when the low pressure is too high, to prevent the compressor hydraulic shock. 

2. When the temperature of the cold storage reaches a given value, the temperature controller acts, at which time the solenoid valve loses power and the compressor stops working when the low pressure reaches the set pressure of the compressor shutdown. If the temperature in the cold storage rises again to the set temperature when the temperature controller action, at this time the solenoid valve power, when the low-pressure pressure rise to the start of the compressor set pressure when the compressor start. 

Selection of solenoid valve in compressor of Cold Storage Unit 

1. When selecting solenoid valve used in cold storage unit, the size and configuration of pipeline of cold storage refrigeration equipment should be considered, to select the same size with the pipeline solenoid valve size. 

2. The material of solenoid valve body should consider the nature of the medium in the pipeline, select the solenoid valve that can adapt to the medium in the pipeline, its working voltage should be the same as the power supply voltage. 

3. Different types of solenoid valves should be used at different working points. For example, solenoid valves used in refrigerating pipelines can not be used in water pipelines because water will scale and have solid impurities, the balance hole on the diaphragm of the solenoid valve is easily blocked. 

4. The solenoid valve on the oil return pipe of the Lube oil separator in the cold storage unit needs to use the anti-vibration solenoid valve because of the strong vibration. Avoid the compressor exhaust pressure fluctuation on the opening and closing of the auxiliary solenoid valve. 

5, used in the cold storage unit suction pipe solenoid valve, because the suction pipe dew, so the solenoid valve can be used moisture-proof coil and closed solenoid valve. If the ambient temperature is not less than 40 degrees Celsius, you can use heat-resistant solenoid valve.

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