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What are the four major parts of refrigerated storage refrigeration system?What do they do?

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The first major: Compressor

Refrigerant compressor is the refrigerant vapor of low temperature and low pressure in refrigeration system of cold storage, which is sucked back from evaporator and compressed to form high temperature and high pressure gas. The refrigeration compressor is the main refrigeration equipment in the refrigeration system.Normal cold storage selection, general small cold storage selection of fully enclosed compressor,Medium and large-scale cold storage selection of semi-closed compressor,Large-scale cold storage on the selection of parallel screw unit

Second Big: condenser

The condenser is used to cool the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the refrigeration compressor and make it exothermic, excluding the temperature, condensing the gaseous refrigerant into a gas-liquid mixture under a certain pressure and temperature, most of them are liquids.

Third Big Piece: expansion valve

Expansion valve, also known as throttle valve, is used to reduce the pressure of high-pressure refrigerant liquid, throttle expansion for low-temperature, low-pressure liquid.

The fourth major: Evaporator

The evaporator evaporates through the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant, which is throttled by the expansion valve, to absorb the heat around the cold storage and achieve the goal of cooling. Well, in a refrigeration system of a cold storage, these four major parts have their respective functions, and can normally transport refrigerant to the cooling equipment in the cold storage, and can make the refrigerant form a continuous circulation loop in the system, thereby, the temperature in the cold storage is reduced and the cold storage is more stable.

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